Photovoltaic Systems: The best option over time?

    Photovoltaic Systems: The best option over time?

    A clear testimony that a photovoltaic system can be the best option in energy production and durability over the years is the San Roque photovoltaic solar plant in Cádiz, which has just completed a decade of green energy production.

    This photovoltaic park was built by Endesa ten years ago in the Guadarran industrial park, which is made up of more than 67.000 solar, distributed over 37 hectares, producing 24 gigawatt hours (GWh) annually.

    This is not the only photovoltaic plant that Endesa has in Andalusia since it also has a plant in Aznalcóllar in the province of Seville.

    With the passage of time we have been able to observe that both large corporations and many individuals are committed to implementing photovoltaic systems on a larger scale, since these bring with them the production of clean energy, greatly reducing the production of carbon dioxide and more than all greatly reduce and even avoid invoice costs produced by this service.

    Today there are photovoltaic systems for all needs and at all prices; for example 12v solar kits, widely used in small installations and motorhomes; are they 24v solar kit, used in medium-sized facilities and homes; there are also the Grid connection solar kits, Submersible pump kits, Pool purification kits, etc.

    And you are still wondering if a photovoltaic system is the best option?

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