Everything you need to know about solar kits

    Everything you need to know about solar kits

    In this note Wccsolar clears up all the doubts and questions that arise when we consider installing a solar kit or a photovoltaic energy kit.

    Can I connect panels of any power in my kit?

    In principle you should know which battery system you will use for your solar kit a 12v or 24v system so you can know what type of panels you can use solar panels designed for 12v or panels designed for 24v. Don't forget that there is the possibility of mixing panel voltage with batteries as long as you use an MPPT charge regulator (for more information check our Solar Regulator section).

    If I have more batteries, will my solar installation work better?

    This is not always the case, both batteries and solar They must be proportionate, since, if the charging capacity of the batteries is much higher than the amount of voltage received from the panels, the charging of the batteries will take longer to complete and the battery will suffer continuous discharges without completing its own charge.

    Do any charge regulators work with batteries in my solar kit?

    No, the choice of regulator must be related to the type of battery and the loads on solar panels that will be connected to the system, since we know that it depends on the panels you have, whether they are 12v or 24v and the type of battery system, whether a 12v or 24v system will define the type of charge regulation that works best.

    With use, do the batteries have some type of memory?

    Batteries do not have a type of memory effect, but with constant use, problems such as sulfation may appear, which leads to them losing charging capacity and maintaining voltages, which can be reversible in some cases with the appropriate components. (The use of battery equalizers is recommended.)

    An installation with solar panels must pay some type of tax

    No, an installation with panels is totally legal and no type of tax is paid. As long as the electricity is not sold to any other home, the only thing we have to do is comply with the low voltage regulations in the installation and that the materials must comply with legitimacy.

    There are panels that produce energy at night

    These panels do not exist, even though there are panels that give us voltage during full moon nights, there will be no current intensity to use.

    Do solar panels produce energy on cloudy days?

    Yes, even if the day is cloudy or with diffuse radiation, the solar panel receives irradiation and even if it does not produce 100% of its power, we can have between 10 and 20% production compared to a sunny day.

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