Are your solar panels not producing enough energy in winter?

    Are your solar panels not producing enough energy in winter?

    This week we focus on those people who have solar installations which function normally during the warm months of the year, which correspond to those with the greatest number of hours of sunshine, but who each year during the worst months of the year have significant problems due to insufficient generated energy. This usually happens mostly in the winter months in November, December and January, that is, when the sun's path in the sky is lower and this causes fewer hours of light; Therefore the plates do not generate the same energy as other months.

    This problem usually occurs mainly for two reasons:

    – The first cause may be due to poor sizing in the assembly of the installation, which was carried out at the time without taking into account the lower solar radiation in the winter months. It causes that the spring and summer months are not appreciated since a lot of solar radiation is received. The problem arises in winter when the radiation is 60% less than that received in summer. For this reason, it is so important that the solar kit for year-round use is sized based on the month with the least radiation, December.

    – The second cause may be due to the user making greater electrical consumption in the home than initially agreed upon when the installation was carried out or when the solar kit was purchased. Therefore, the current sizing of your solar equipment will be insufficient.

    To solve the problem, at Wccsolar we will ask you to tell us the devices you use and their number of hours of use, as well as the current components of your solar installation such as the solar panels and their power, battery capacity, and inverter powers and of the solar regulator.
    With this data we can diagnose the cause and indicate the best solution so that the solar installation always works well and optimally all year round.
    In most cases, after the calculation that we will carry out, you will only have to add solar panels to cover the deficit in solar energy collection during the months of low radiation. While in other installations it may be due to lack of energy storage capacity in the batteries.

    We will also ensure that you have the appropriate cable thickness in each section of the installation. Since we often find equipment with thin cable sections of 1,5 or 2,5 mm2 as if it were alternating current at 230V when they should be much thicker in the parts where the current is direct. These cable errors mean voltage and power loss throughout the circuit and a serious problem in overall operation.

    Whatever the cause, at WccSolar we will give you the appropriate and balanced solution to your needs. Always thinking about its functionality and with the appropriate solar material, which may vary depending on the type of consumption that you connect to the power inverter. If it is solar energy for seasonal use in summer, on weekends, or for daily use as a primary residence.

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