WccSolar: Solar material distributors with their own technical assistance and repair service

    WccSolar: Solar material distributors with their own technical assistance and repair service

    If something differentiates us from our competitors, apart from having the best prices on top quality products, it is that at WccSolar we are distributors of solar material with our own technical assistance and repair service.

    What does this mean?

    Very simple, we have a team of technicians in charge of providing guided telephone assistance to our clients when they have doubts about the correct functioning of their installation or a component begins to fail.

    Technical Assistance

    We rely on the means that current technology offers us through a call or video call, where the client visually explains their case to us, or a communication via WhatsApp, where we can exchange images and videos, we offer guided assistance so that the client is able through our guidelines to solve the problem.

    Repair service

    And in the event that our client is not able to resolve the problem on their own or this is not possible?

    In this case, the product is sent to the WccSolar workshop where our professionals will analyze, test and repair it whenever possible.

    We repair all types of investors, we regenerate batteries, etc.

    How do I get this assistance-repair service?

    To benefit from this service you just have to call 854803624 for free and you will be assisted very quickly by one of our technicians.

    It does not matter if the product is from another company, if it is a brand that we do not work with or if it is under warranty, because the assistance and repair service is offered to the general public.

    At WccSolar we believe in solar energy as a clean and sustainable alternative, which is why we offer all the means at our disposal to make it accessible and functional to as many people as possible.

    If you are thinking of buying a solar kit get in contact us and we will provide you with no obligation a customized budget based on the needs of your home and consumption.

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